The Unknown (未知, Michi) is the ninety-ninth chapter in the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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Ken Kaneki is shocked to see Rize Kamishiro alive. Akihiro Kanou congratulates him, calling Kaneki his most successful product. Kanou explains that a twisted birdcage is arresting the world, hence why ghouls are necessary to break it. To that end, he forcibly induced hybrid vigor and created one-eyed ghouls. Another product of his experiments were the Rc walls.

Livid, Kaneki argues that Kanou is an insane person, not a doctor. Kanou, declaring that he will no longer run, attempts persuading Kaneki to join him, insisting that he will reveal the truth behind the world, and claims that Yoshimura produced the cause that gave birth to Aogiri Tree. In disbelief, Kaneki scrutinizes Kanou's statements. Kanou tells him that Kaneki has always been manipulated by someone else, but when he joins him, then Kanou will show him the true form of the world and how it should really be like.

As Kaneki's thoughts are in disarray, Renji Yomo suddenly appears and rescues Rize from the container while giving Kaneki advice to follow his own path. He tells them that the CCG are arriving. Various investigators including Yukinori Shinohara rush through the hallways while commenting on the Rc walls.

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