CRc Gas Grenade

The Control Rc gas grenade (Control Rcガスグレネード, Control Rc gasu gurenēdo), abbreviated as CRc gas (CRcガス, Shīārushī gasu), is an experimental weapon made by the CCG. Upon activation, the grenade releases CRc gas, when inhaled it begins to affect the respiratory system and mucous membranes. If Rc cells are activated at that moment, it impairs the ghoul's kagune and causes it to break down.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • When it was first shown, the CRc gas grenade was still in its prototype form, but was said to work well.
  • Dr. Chigyou is in charge of the grenade's development.
  • Akira Mado was tasked with testing the prototype and reporting the results.

References Edit