Dear Kafka (拝啓カフカ, Haikei Kafuka) is the best-selling debut work of Sen Takatsuki.


Role in the SeriesEdit

Following her rampage as the One-Eyed Owl, Eto Yoshimura submitted the draft to Shoeisha in hopes of earning some money. Shunji Shiono initially brushed off the teenager and her manuscript, sending her away without bothering to obtain any sort of contact information. After his superior reviewed the manuscript, he was berated and ordered to make contact with Eto. When she returned for her manuscript, Shiono learned her story and began a business relationship with the young author.

The novel would become her debut work, launching her career as "Sen Takatsuki" with 500,000 copies sold. It established her reputation as a promising new literary talent, and became one of Ken Kaneki's favorite works.


  • "That time, so that no one (not even Father) would notice, I secretly rewrote the summary. What cannot change can only be broken. This is so to me, who left behind everything necessary inside the womb."



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