Doctor Momochi
Doctor Momochi
Name Doctor Momochi
Species Human
Status Alive
Gender Female
Occupation Surgeon
Relatives Ikuma Momochi (Adopted Son)
Unnamed Husband †
Unnamed Son †
Novel Debut Days: Chapter 4
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Doctor Momochi is a human surgeon living in a small town, and the adoptive mother of Ikuma Momochi.


Dr. Momochi is a plain-looking woman with dark hair.


Dr. Momochi is a kind woman, with great compassion for others whether they are human or Ghoul. She loves her son dearly, and seems to struggle with letting him go.

Plot Edit

Doctor Momochi established herself as a very successful surgeon in a small town, and was married to another doctor. After seven years of marriage, the couple was finally able to conceive a child with fertility treatment and looked forward to becoming parents. However, in her sixth month of pregnancy, her husband died suddenly from overwork.

Deeply traumatized by this tragedy, she struggled to live on for the sake of her child. But just prior to her son's first birthday, he died suddenly in his crib. The discovery of her child's body was too much for her to bear, and she wandered away from her house during a major rainstorm while carrying her child's body.

While wandering in a daze and contemplating suicide, she stumbled across an injured woman hiding beside a building. As she approached the other woman, she realized it was a Ghoul that was being hunted by Ghoul Investigators. The Ghoul was badly injured, but cradling an infant that she had managed to protect from harm. She pleaded with Doctor Momochi to save her child, and the two women exchanged their children before the Investigators could catch up.

She took the infant Ghoul home with her, and passed him off as her dead child. From the news the following day, she learned the Ghoul she'd encountered had thrown herself into the ocean. After she returned to work, Dr. Momochi used her position to obtain food for Ikuma and falsified documents so that others would believe he had a severe food allergy. For the next 19 years, she raised Ikuma as her human child until he came of age and decided to move to Tokyo. Though worried for his safety, she saw him off from the train station and kept in contact with him after his move to the city.

Relationships Edit

Ikuma MomochiEdit

Though not his mother by birth, she raised the orphaned Ghoul as her own child. She loves him dearly, and has worked tirelessly to protect his identity from society.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


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