Emelio (エメリオ, Emerio) is an ukaku-type quinque wielded by Misato Gori. It is an organic shape featuring crystalline teeth-like sides surrounding the weapon's muzzle.

Her usage of the weapon resembles the manner in which the typical ukaku ghoul wields their kagune, firing barrages of crystallized Rc cells taking out opponents at range. However, Emelio appears to sport a somewhat greater accuracy than what ukaku generally display. Like ukaku ghouls, Emelio is said to run out of energy rather quickly, therefore limiting its use to short-term engagements.[1]

Emelio has an effective firing range up to 250 meters, an ammo capacity of 1000 to 1200, and is capable of firing 8 rounds per second (480 RPM).[2]

References Edit

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