The epilogue is a bonus chapter released with the final volume of Tokyo Ghoul in place of the usual omakes.

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The chapter opens on Akira Mado visiting her father's grave. She tells him of how she is now a First Class Investigator and how because of her chimera quinque wielding skills, she will be a part of the Anti-Aogiri team commanded by Special Class Investigator Kishou Arima. She asserts that though time has passed since the Owl battle, she will still believe her intuition about the ghouls before noting that Arima has left the education of a certain junior up to her. According to the stories she heard, he is somehow "different from the other investigators." Just then, the young man in question approaches and greets her before introducing himself as Rank 3 Investigator Haise Sasaki. The startled Akira then greets him in return.

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