Last Rain (終雨, Shūu) is the tenth episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul √A.

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The battle between CCG and Anteiku continues, and Koma, Irimi, and Yoshimura each engage the special investigators. When a civilian gets caught in the middle, Hachikawa continues to press his attack unabated. Shinohara receives some unexpected advice. After being defeated, Koma and Irimi are saved at the last second by Kaneki. After a long battle, Yoshimura is defeated and seemingly killed by the CCG team. He slowly struggles away on his knees and hallucinates Ukina, before finally collapsing. Kaneki is ambushed by Amon, along with a CCG team, who declares that he will carry out his mission. As the CCG begin celebrating their victory against Yoshimura, the true One-Eyed Owl swoops down and attacks.

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