Deluge of Flowers
Episode 23
Episode Info
Kanji: 溢花
Romaji: Itsuka
Air Date: March 20, 2015 (Japan), September 16, 2017 (Toonami)
Episode Direction by: Shimada Soichi
Storyboard by: Shimada Soichi
Animation Direction by: Nagakawa Momoko, Kurihara Manabu, Shimizu Atsuki
Episode Chronology
Episode 22 Episode 24

Deluge of Flowers (溢花, Itsuka) is the eleventh episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul √A.

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Suzuya is left to face the newly-arrived one-eyed Owl on his own. Aogiri Tree joins the battle against CCG, who find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer number of opponents. Meanwhile, Kaneki confronts Amon, who stands in his way to Anteiku. Amon and Kaneki begin to fight and both seem evenly matched Kaneki tells Amon that he doesn't want to fight him and there would have been a lot they would have had to discuss if they weren't enemies , Amon complies but claims that such a situation is impossible and attacks Kaneki . As their battle ends both are seriously injured and the screen cuts to Juzuo who is unable to scratch the owl. The owl attacks Juzou but he is saved by Arima who engages the owl in battle. Arima avoids the owl's attacks with relative ease and injures it multiple times using his quinque . The owl attacks Arima head on only to have it's arm chopped away , it then swallows Yoshimura and runs away. The screen then cuts to an injured Kaneki who makes his way to Anteiku somewhere close by Akira finds the remains of her partner's quinque and is greatly saddened by the sight.The episode ends with the owl regurgitating Yoshimura and reverting back into its normal form and proving that the owl and Sen Takatsuki are the same person.

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