Episode 24
Episode Info
Romaji: Ken
Air Date: March 27, 2015 (Japan), September 23, 2017 (US)
Episode Direction by: Morita Shuuhei
Storyboard by: Morita Shuuhei
Animation Direction by: Imaki Hiroaki
Episode Chronology
Episode 23 N/A

Ken (研, Ken) is the twelfth and final episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul √A.

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Kaneki and Hide reunite at Anteiku, and have one final talk. Hide reveals that he knew all along that Kaneki was a ghoul, and expresses sadness that Kaneki stopped hanging out with him. The talk comes to an end when Hide collapses and dies from his injuries. Touka arrives to find Anteiku in flames, and witnesses Kaneki carrying his friend off. Kaneki observes the tragic aftermath of the battle, before facing Arima alone. Some time long after that tragic day, Touka is seen opening a new cafe, :Re.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode adapts the following chapters:
  • The episode ends with Hide seemingly dying, whereas in the manga, it is unknown what happened to him after he reunites with Kaneki, as he disappears. The episode also only adapts the ending of the final chapter.

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