Futamaru (フタマル, Futamaru) was a ghoul gang active in the 20th ward. A large number of its members were killed in a conflict with Touka and Ayato Kirishima. They were distinguished by their masks, modeled after a ladybug.

Members Edit

No individual members were ever identified by name.

History Edit

Different Kind Edit

In the years prior to the events of Tokyo Ghoul, Futamaru was one of several gangs operating in the 20th ward. After one of its leaders was killed by the Kirishima siblings, the gang began to follow them in order to take revenge. This led them to kidnap Shouta's father after seeing him speaking with Touka, using the human as a hostage to put her at a disadvantage. However, Ayato joined the battle and wiped out the surviving members with a surprise attack.[1]

Insincerity Edit

Some time later, a surviving member traveled to the 5th ward and was spotted near the Ghoul Investigator Training Academy. Akira Mado, a student at the Academy, began to investigate the case and crossed paths with Shouta, who asked her to take revenge for his father. Gathering information from newspapers and case files, Akira tracked down the ghoul's hiding place and lured him into a trap. Kureo Mado exterminated the Futamaru member, and seemingly exterminated the last survivor of the group.[2]

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