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An Ghoul Investigator Training Academy (喰種捜査官養成学校, Gūru Sōsakan Yōsei Gakkō), usually shortened to Academy (アカデミー, Akademī), is an institution devoted to training future Ghoul Investigators.

In Tokyo, there exist at least seven Academies.

Under normal circumstances, only graduates of the Academy are permitted to become ghoul investigators and begin their careers as Rank 2 Investigators. Rare exceptions do exist, and begin their careers as Rank 3 Investigators.

Investigator trainingEdit

The Academy offers a two-year curriculum that covers numerous subjects in preparing the graduates for work as a full-fledged investigator. Exact details about the training and lessons provided by the Academy are classified, and may not be disclosed to non-graduates.[1] It is known that they learn about the Ghoul Countermeasures Law, ghoul biology, investigative procedures, quinque use, and intense physical training to prepare them for live combat.

Ghoul Investigators occasionally visit the Academy as guest Instructors to lecture cadets about their work and equipment in the field. They also present reasons for joining the federal law enforcement agency when they graduate.[2][3][4]

A special honors curriculum exists that permits students to graduate within one year.[5]

School sectionEdit

Attached to each Academy, there exists an Academy Junior School (アカデミージュニアスクール, Akademī Junia Sukūru).[6] These are educational facilities for children and adolescents, and their students are called Academy juniors (アカデミージュニア, Akademī Junia) or Academy cadets (アカデミー候補生, Akademī Kouhosei).[2] They serve as a boarding school for children in the care of the CCG, but are also open to children from the general public, and are known to be cheap in tuition.[6]

In extracurricular activities, juniors can train or learn martial arts to prepare them for a career as ghoul investigators.[2]

After graduating, juniors can take any career path like graduates from any other high school, but they are encouraged to enroll at the Academy and become ghoul investigators.




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