The Ghoul Restaurant Dinner Show was an event scheduled for an exclusive, upper-class gathering of ghouls. During the event, members of the club lured victims to the restaurant in order for them to be murdered in a "Dismantling" show. Afterwards, the bodies would be served to the guests as fine dining.

As part of a deal with Itori, Ken Kaneki accepted the invitation to the restaurant in order to learn its location and the method of gaining entry. Lured there by member Shuu Tsukiyama, Kaneki was left in a private room with two other guests invited to the event — Food Critic Kobachi and a woman named Ami. The three were led into what turned out to be an arena, and presented to the audience as that night's entertainment and dinner. Madam A's scrapper, Taro, was dispatched to carry out the killing.

Kobachi and Ami were both killed during the event, but Kaneki survived after being revealed as a One-eyed ghoul. After learning of his true nature, Tsukiyama rescued him by killing the Scrapper and striking a bargain with the other members.


In the anime, the characters of Kobachi and Ami do not appear. Instead, Kaneki is the only "guest" invited to the show and faces Taro alone.