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Ginshi Shirazu

Shirazu bald

Shirazu Ginshi

Name Ginshi Shirazu
Japanese Name 不知 吟士
Romaji Shirazu Ginshi
Species Quinx
Human (Formerly)
Status Deceased
Age 19[1] (until :re Ch. 32)
20 (after :re Ch. 32)
Gender Male
Birthday March 8th[1]
Height 176 cm[1]
Weight 55 kg[1]
Blood Type A[1]
Affiliations CCG
Mado Squad
Quinx Squad
Occupation Ghoul Investigator
Relatives Haru Shirazu (Younger sister)
Unnamed father †
Unnamed mother (Unknown)
Ward 1st Ward
Rc Type Ukaku
Rc Level 920[2]
Quinque Tsunagi <plain> (Bikaku, Rate C)
Nutcracker (Koukaku/Bikaku, Rate S)
Class 77th (7th Junior Academy)[1]
Rank Rank 3 (until Ch. 32)
Rank 2 (after Ch. 32)
Manga Debut :re Chapter 1
Novel Debut quest: Chapter 1
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"Sassan saved us by putting his life on the line. If you call him a ghoul, then you're a bastard worse than trash. I'll kill you right here!"

— Ginshi Shirazu, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 8

Ginshi Shirazu (不知 吟士, Shirazu Ginshi) was a Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator, a Quinx, and the squad leader of the Quinx Squad.


Shirazu was a slender young man with light orange hair. He usually wore a menacing grin on his face and had sharp, jagged teeth. He also had six-helix piercings on his right ear, and one piercing on his left ear, and wore a ring on the middle finger of his right hand. Unlike the other members of the Quinx Squad, he wore a dark jumpsuit instead of the standard CCG uniform and used a motorcycle to commute during missions. His hair was unusually long for a CCG officer and almost reached his shoulders with two strands of hair parted and tied up at the top of his head.

Eventually, he completely buzzed his hair off in an act of repentance.


Shirazu, like most of his teammates, was shown to have great respect for his mentor, Haise Sasaki. However, this did not stop him from going out of his way to execute missions without Sasaki’s permission initially, and so he was constantly seen accompanying Kuki Urie, the former squad leader, on dangerous assignments. Although he was a competent fighter with a ruthless nature, Urie described Shirazu as a simple-minded person. This became evident when Urie easily manipulated him into thinking Sasaki was using the Quinx for his own gain. He easily became fired up and spoke loudly.

He also seemed to be quite exaggerated in his expressions and movements. His primary motive for joining the Quinx Squad was to get fast money for his hospitalized little sister. Shirazu was also quite a carefree individual and used to have a habit of displaying a cocky grin when fighting weaker ghouls.

He was stated to be poor at tasks that required thought, such as academics or investigation. However, his consideration for others and attention to his surroundings convinced Sasaki he had potential as a squad leader. In contrast to his loud and violent mannerism, he was also someone that cared greatly for his team, shown when he held back Noro to protect them to the point that his kakuhou strained against its frames. While prone to bickering with Urie, he showed a gentler side when interacting with Tooru Mutsuki or civilians such as Chie Hori.

Despite his brutal image and overall behavior, he was one of the most sensitive of the Quinx. When confronted by a dying ghoul, he was deeply disturbed by how human she sounded, and was reminded of his own little sister's situation. He remembered the incident as an uncomfortable memory, recalling it as killing a person rather than a monster.


Torso Investigation

Kobayashi impales Shirazu

Kobayashi impales Shirazu.

He first appeared fighting several ghouls, apparently enjoying himself and splattered in blood. Later on, he was glimpsed in traffic, following Urie around the city on his motorcycle. When the other engaged the ghoul Akashi Kobayashi in combat, he recklessly fired and nearly hit his comrade. He was unapologetic and joked about it, allowing the ghoul to impale him from behind and briefly played dead. However, he quickly revealed himself to be alive and prevented Akashi from using his kagune so that Urie could finish their opponent off. Afterward, he argued with the other investigator about credit. While they were distracted, the ghoul attempted to ambush them but was defeated by Sasaki. The group briefly argued, with Shirazu following Urie as he departed the scene.[3]

In the following days, their superior met with Dr.Shiba concerning the team. They expressed concern over Shirazu's increased Rc levels, noting that he had been using his kagune more than necessary. Meanwhile, Shirazu continued to trail Urie as he worked alone to find Torso. He eventually approached Urie and the two begin to discuss his unwillingness to work as part of a team. It quickly escalated into an argument, and both prepared to release their respective kagune with Shirazu threatening to cook and eat his comrade's kakuhou.

Chie talks to Urie and Shirazu

Chie talks with Urie and Shirazu.

However, before they came to blows a camera flash interrupted them. Chie Hori approached them and offered to give them information on Torso.[2] In sharp contrast to his previous behavior, Shirazu immediately warmed up to the young woman and the group ended up discussing business. Chie offered to sell them photographs in exchange for something belonging to Sasaki -- leaving him to wonder if she was some a pervert. They agreed to her terms and left with photographs of Torso's hunting grounds.

Afterward, Shirazu and Urie went through the photographs and discussed Sasaki. He was surprised that Urie intended to keep their findings a secret, but the other man claimed that their superior intended to steal credit for anything they accomplished. He then mentioned that Shirazu needed to be promoted quickly because he needed money, and Shirazu became upset at the thought of being betrayed. He stated he agreed to become a test subject in exchange for financial compensation because he desperately needed it and quickly. As a result, he was easily tricked and came to believe he could trust Urie.

When Sasaki called a meeting of the team to discuss Akira Mado's order that they capture Torso within a month's time, the tension in the group exploded. Based on the lies told to him, Shirazu stormed out of the meeting followed by Urie.[4]

Fifteen days into the investigation, Shirazu and Urie meet with Akira to get their temporary quinque. While speaking to her, he began to blush and answer questions cheerfully -- suggesting he may have had a crush on the team's supervisor. The pair recalled meeting with Chie earlier to exchange a pair of Sasaki's underwear, and she revealed to them the rest of her information. She shows them Polaroids taken at the scene, of the victims while they were still alive and explained the details of the camera Torso used. Chie demonstrated the distinct qualities of the different brands of cameras, taking photos of the investigators as evidence. While Urie just stood there, Shirazu posed dramatically for Chie. She told them she had a suspect in mind, based on all the evidence.

Having finished giving them their spare quinque, Akira briefly explained to the pair the history of the qquinque. She then asked them whether they had ever actually seen Sasaki fight at full strength and warned them about becoming like him. Neither knew what to make of her warning.[5]

On the 25th day of the investigation, Urie and Shirazu arrived in time to witness Torso kidnapping Tooru Mutsuki. As their target sped away in his taxi, they give chase on his motorcycle -- ignoring the circumstances, Shirazu worried about going too fast because of the speed limit. Urie ordered him to shoot out the taxi's tires with his kagune, but his aim was too poor and he missed completely. The chaos attracted the police, who attempted to assist in capturing Torso and were killed by the ghoul.

The chase came to an end when they encountered a police barricade, but the officers were immediately killed when Torso jumped from his vehicle. Shirazu ignored prior orders to rely on his quinque, dodging an attack that damaged his motorcycle and returning fire with his kagune. He managed to wound Torso, but he proved strong enough to continue fighting due to being a rinkaku. Before he could continue attacking, Serpent appeared on the scene and confronted them all.[6]

Shirazu tries to distract Serpent

Shirazu tries to distract Serpent.

Serpent decided to eliminate them to avoid any future problems, attacking them relentlessly. Urie was wounded while facing Serpent directly, while Shirazu's attacks proved completely ineffective. The ghoul mocked his abilities, referring to his kagune as a "peashooter" and made it clear that the Quinx were completely outclassed. Even so, when he saw that Mutsuki was in danger, he leapt towards Serpent and launched a point-blank attack to protect his comrade. But even this was completely ineffective, and was quickly taken down with a single blow. With all of them wounded and unable to use their kagunes, Mutsuki and Shirazu suggested they retreat from the hopeless battle. When Urie ate his own flesh in desperation, Shirazu was horrified and tried to stop him. They were rescued when Sasaki arrived, blocking Serpent's kagune before he could finish them off. He then faced the ghoul, as Shirazu and the others watched.[7]

He tried to rush to Sasaki's aid when their leader was wounded but was ordered to stay on the sidelines. He advised Mutsuki to stay out of the way, leading him back to safety. When Serpent was finally defeated, Shirazu overheard Sasaki refer to the ghoul as "Nishio-senpai", confusing him. He was shocked by the arrival of Hirako's team, who quickly and violently subdued the out-of-control Sasaki. Afterward, Shirazu watched while Akira tended to Sasaki -- feeling great admiration for his superior's true strength.[8]


Shirazu kicks Urie

Shirazu kicks Urie.

During the aftermath of the battle, Urie was relieved as Squad Leader and insulted Sasaki by calling him a "ghoul". This sent Shirazu into a rage, kicking his teammate across the room before screaming at him about how Sasaki risked everything for them. He threatened to kill Urie, nearly starting a fight between the two. After Sasaki calmed them both down, he named Shirazu the new Squad Leader -- he initially believed Mutsuki had been named instead, and was speechless in shock over the promotion. He protested that he was not intelligent enough for the job, and was still trying to process the announcement as Sasaki ordered them all to bed.

While reporting to Kishou Arima, Sasaki explained his reasons for the change. While Urie performed well academically and was good at investigations, his personality "needed work". He noted that while Shirazu was not good at investigations, he had the ability to consider his surroundings and act for the sake of the group. Later on, at Mutsuki's insistence, he apologized to Urie for attacking him. Because he did not like sweet things, Shirazu gave him a can of red bean soup to drink as punishment. He then ordered him to work with the group, and the three worryied about what to do about their lazy comrade, Saiko.[9]

Shirazu was then alongside Mutsuki and Sasaki, discussing their new target: Nutcracker. Shirazu was reprimanded for dressing elaborately just to pose as the Squad Leader. At first, Shirazu thought Nutcracker cracked peanut shells, but he grew confused when Sasaki mentioned that the Nutcracker ghoul was known for crushing the testicles of males, and slurping the fluid like a paste. They stopped at a cafe named :re, and upon walking into the coffee shop, Shirazu was amazed at Sasaki's Rc cells due to his ability to smell the delicious coffee.[10]

After leaving the coffee shop, Shirazu became worried that Sasaki was spacing out too frequently. At the Quinx's living quarters, Shirazu was informed that Saiko had arrived. When Saiko refused to leave her room, Shirazu used his kagune to break the door. He was then surprised when Urie motivated Saiko to do her work again. The following morning, Shirazu becomes annoyed that Saiko overslept despite her promise, and decided to wake her up while the rest of the Squad went to discuss the Nutcracker case.[11]

Shirazu carries Saiko

Shirazu carries Saiko to the meeting.

Near the end of the meeting, Shirazu shocked everyone when he arrived carrying a still-sleeping Saiko on his back. He apologized profusely for being late, but was praised for actually managing to physically bring Saiko to the CCG.

The team was assigned to shadow Nutcracker, and spy on her meeting with an associate. Shirazu attempted to listen in, but was too tired to make out what was being said. He asked Saiko to try, but she just described the sound of hamburger steak cooking in the kitchen. This caused him to lose his temper, hitting her over the head and cursing rapidly in frustration. While watching this, Urie thought how trying to make Saiko work had left Shirazu tired and stressed, spending every morning trying to wake her up.

While sitting back down, he knocked a glass off their table and broke it. This caused Nutcracker to notice them, and he panicked as she walked towards them. However, she continued past him and instead refilled her water. Shirazu failed to notice her watching him with an interested look. With the mission failed, the group gathers outside. Shirazu agonizes over his failure and later seeks out Mutsuki for advice. He confesses to doubting his abilities as a leader but is reassured that getting Saiko to actually work is a major accomplishment. Mutsuki reveals that Urie lied about Saiko being fired, but advises that they keep it to themselves for now. Shirazu steams over Urie lying to them again.[12]

Shirazu participated in the Auction wipeout operation along with his team and paved their way to where Mutsuki was.[13] After encountering and eventually defeating Kanae along with his team members, he proceeds to head toward the control room with his squad, minus Urie and Mutsuki, after being blocked off by a kagune wall.[14] Shortly after finding one of the Atou squad members, Naoto Hayashimura they were attacked by Takizawa, who was labeled as an SS~ rank on the spot. Ordered to continue heading toward the control room and leave Haise against the ghoul by himself, Shirazu complained to Associate Special Class Washuu but had no choice to follow the order after Haise accepted it.[15]

Shirazu stabs Nutcracker

Shirazu stabs Nutcracker.

He, Saiko, and Hayashimura arrive at the control room where they encounter Nutcracker. Despite the fight being three against on, Nutcracker's dual Kagune and ability to detach her "tail" to use as a mine makes her a difficult opponent.[16] Shirazu eventually figures out that her mine-like Kagune are peppered throughout the room's walls and ceiling and are activated through vibrations. Using this knowledge, he tricks Nutcracker into impaling herself with one of her own traps. Stuck, he signals for Saiko to attack. Afterward, a severely injured Nutcracker is left on the ground and Shirazu deals the final blow.

Nutcracker's dying words of just wanting to be beautiful seem to haunt Shirazu despite him trying to brush off her feelings as she's not human.[17]


A month has passed since the Auction mopping-up operation and everyone is preparing for the Christmas party. He muses to Mutsuki about how happy and kid-like Sasaki is before Sasaki demands that they help out. That night, Shirazu has fun at the party with everyone, eating and playing video games. He receives a model motorcycle as a gift from Sasaki.[18]

Rose Extermination

Some time has passed and spring has arrived. The CCG is holding their awards ceremony and Shirazu receives a promotion from Rank 3 to Rank 2. At the after party, he enjoys himself with his coworkers, eating and mingling. Sasaki and Akira come up to him to inform him that his new Quinque can be picked up soon and to congratulate him for his victory against Nutcracker.[19] When near the new weapon, he proceeds to vomit, still disturbed by Nutcracker's final moments.[20]

When visiting HySy ArtMask Studio along with the rest of his squad to get mask measurements, he was asked by Uta whether he has a girl he likes currently and Akira, Saiko, and Ihei's images appear in his mind.[21]

When the Quinx squad was lured into a trap in an empty parking garage by Kanae and hired Aogiri hitmen, Shirazu chased After Urie and Kanae to the 5th floor, where they fought against the ghoul. When his kakuhou was damaged by Kanae, Urie reminds him to use his quinque, to which he was unable to due to Nutcracker's image traumatizing him again, causing him to fall to his knees.[22] Some time before the operation, he asked Sasaki to teach him how to control his kagune more efficiently.[23]

Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation

Shirazu is later assigned as the back line support for both the Quinx team and the Itou-Quinx team combination when Sasaki went ahead of them in LE during the operation.[24][25] Shirazu seems to have been horrified when Noro eliminated two investigators in a flash, with some of the investigators' blood splashing onto his face.[26]

After being notified that the ghoul they're facing is one of the deadliest out of all known ghouls by the CCG, Shirazu states his determination to finally use the Nutcracker quinque when an explosive power was needed. He goes on to throw the quinque into Noro's chest, letting the quinque expand remotely and thus ripping said ghoul into separate pieces. The damage, however, proved insufficient for stopping Noro as the ghoul heavily injures all active investigators on the scene with the exclusion of Saiko and Shirazu with a different kagune stemming from his lower half.[27] Knowing that if he doesn't stop attacking everyone will die, Shirazu charges in on Noro head on, spamming his kagune bullets to the point of where his kakuhou breaks its surrounding frame. Out of breath, Shirazu signals Urie to deliver the final blow on Noro, but was attacked by Noro immediately afterward. However, this provided Urie the opening to kill the ghoul.[28]

Shirazu dies

Shirazu's death.

Although Noro was finally killed, Shirazu was fatally injured as the result of Noro's final attack. The rest of the Quinx Squad, save for Mutsuki, rushed to Shirazu's aid but quickly realized that his wound was too deep and that he couldn't regenerate fast enough to close it up. Shirazu stated that he wanted to see Sasaki for no particular reason and was wondering why the rest of the Quinx were not saying anything despite them shouting at him to not die. He went on to say that he couldn't see anyone and wanted someone to hold his hand, showing his fear of dying alone. Knowing that he was at death's door, he requested the rest of the Quinx to let Haru die peacefully if he wasn't there for her. After his final request, Shirazu finally succumbs to his injuries and dies.[29]

After the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation, Shirazu's body was transferred into a vehicle that was later attacked by Aogiri Tree who were tipped off by Nimura Furuta of the vehicle's location. His body was given to Akihiro Kanou in order to reverse engineer the Quinx's frame technology and to help increase the success rate of his One Eyed Ghoul experiments.[30]


Haru Shirazu

Haru is Ginshi's younger sister. Her RC tumor is the reason why he is in the constant need for money, aside from the fact that she's hospitalized for medical treatment. It seems apparent that he cares very deeply for her, being his only known in-touch relative, as well as her being why Ginshi sought out to be a Ghoul Investigator. Before he dies he requests that she's allowed to die peacefully instead of being forced to live in pain.

Kuki Urie

They frequently worked together, primarily due to Shirazu's tendency to follow him around. He initially berates his former Squad Leader for being unwilling to work with others, and the two nearly come to blows over their disagreement. Even with their rocky relationship, the two make a good team and Shirazu trusts him implicitly. Unfortunately, this trust is not returned with Urie considering him a potential hindrance to his goals. To this end, he emotionally manipulates Shirazu and uses him to cause conflict within the group. After the team is nearly killed by Serpent, he realizes this mistake and threatens Urie over his attitude. After becoming Squad Leader, they continue to have a rocky relationship. Shirazu's inability to use his quinque caused Urie to mark him as an incompetent squad leader. However, after he is fatally injured protecting his squad from Noro, Urie shows concern towards him, desperately trying to keep him alive despite his wounds and tells him that if he lives he'll be able to pay for his sister's cure. He refused to go to Shirazu's grave service, claiming that his body wasn't in that grave and vows to retrieve his body from Aogiri.

Haise Sasaki

Shirazu seems fond of the group's mentor, giving him the nickname "Sassan". He is surprised and angered when Urie suggests that Sasaki is merely using them as tools for his own promotion, leading Shirazu to begin doubting his intentions. This leads him to act out, rebelling against orders and storming out of a group meeting. After Haise risks his life to save the squad and learning the truth about his mentor, Shirazu's respect for him grows, to the point that he assaulted Urie for calling Haise a ghoul. Shirazu considers Haise as a mentor and comes to him for advice on using his kagune. However, he does admit that Haise is somewhat childish in his behavior. Even in his last moments, Shirazu told Urie that he wanted to see Sasan even though he had no idea why showing how much he respected and cared for his mentor.

Saiko Yonebayashi

Shirazu doesn't think twice before criticizing Saiko for her laziness and lack of seriousness. As the squad leader, he is deeply worried by her laziness and tries to make Saiko work harder, going far enough to carry her, still asleep, to the CCG building, something that not even Sasaki was able to accomplish. Despite his frustration with her, Shirazu seems to care for Saiko, seen how he reacted to the supposed possibility of her dismissal. Saiko does not seem to care much about the way Shirazu treats her, not taking him seriously even when he and Urie broke her bedroom's door to get her out of there. Later on in the series, the two progressively get along with each other during events such as having lunch with Abara and battling Nutcracker. When she witnesses Shirazu slowly dying, she assures him that he'd be fine along with Urie and cried profusely calling him "Shiragin" when he finally passed away.

Tooru Mutsuki

They had a close friendship, frequently joking around and spending their free time together. Mutsuki's more gentle and observant personality worked well with Shirazu's more aggressive nature, making them good friends that were able to balance each other out. He frequently acted as a mediator between Shirazu and the others when he lost his temper, helping to smooth out disagreements before they could cause problems within the team. He also served as Shirazu's primary confidante after being promoted to squad leader, listening to his worries and offering reassurances or advice. Shirazu showed a protective streak towards him, while Mutsuki compared himself negatively to his stronger comrade in terms of fighting ability and powers. Like the rest of the squad, he mourned him greatly after he passed away.

Akira Mado

Akira mentors and supervises her underling Shirazu, giving him advice on using quinques and tips on being a ghoul investigator. Shirazu had a crush on his superior, blushing and acting in an unusually cheerful manner when around her. His squad even knew about his feelings toward her. After the Auction Operation, Akira commended Shirazu for his efforts during the operation and taking out Nutcracker, also telling him that she has raised her expectations from him. After Shirazu's death, Akira attended his funeral and was shown to be saddened.

Chie Hori

He immediately takes a liking to the young-seeming woman, teasing Chie about her childish looks and acting surprised when he realizes she's older than him. When she names her price for her information, he wonders whether she might be a pervert, but is satisfied with her explanation. He plays along with her, posing dramatically for her photographs and considers her to be a reliable informant.


He saw her as a ghoul to be killed and he was the one who delivered the final blow. However, he was shown to be haunted by her last words that she just wanted to be beautiful and was seen staring at his hands after the operation was finished. Months later he would have nightmares about her and her last words and when the time came to receive his new quinque that was made from her he couldn't touch it and throw up. It is later revealed that Shirazu's sister, Haru, is bedridden due to ROS and has mentioned the exact words Nutcracker said.

Hanbee Abara

Abara was friendly towards Shirazu, inviting him to have lunch together. Abara also confided in Shirazu about how he wished to protect his boss Suzuya and support him.

Naoto Hayashimura

Shirazu and Hayashimura were tasked with eliminating Nutcracker during the Auction. While he thought of it as pathetic, Hayashimura decided to place everything in the Rank 3 investigator's hands, following his strategy to deal with the chimera-kaguned ghoul. Later on, Shirazu sought out Hayashimura to have his hair cut into a tonsure, to which he agreed to do so.

Taishi Fura

Fura approached Shirazu who couldn't use his quinque made out of Nutcracker, a ghoul he killed. Fura comforted Shirazu by telling him that his quinque was also made out of the first ghoul he killed as well. Fura advised Shirazu not to dwell on it and told him that they just take away life as investigators, before giving him a cigarette.

Hairu Ihei

Shirazu seemed to find Hairu attractive, while she hoped to get along with him as a friend.

Powers and Abilities

Shirazu is trained in basic combat and investigative processes though he shows little talent for anything outside of fighting. He is also a skilled rider, able to engage in a high-speed pursuit with a passenger riding with him.

Quinx Physiology: After the surgery, due to his Quinx nature, Shirazu is granted enhanced regenerative abilities and senses.

  • Ukaku Kagune: His kagune took the form of a launcher-like protrusion, and fired multiple claw-like missiles with very limited accuracy. Though ordered to use his quinque in combat, he favors using his kagune. After breaking his frames during his combat with Noro, his ukaku morphs into a moose-horn shape and his projectiles gain explosive properties, vastly increasing the damage they can inflict upon anything they hit.
  • Superhuman Regeneration: He was able to survive and recover from being impaled through the stomach.
  • Superhuman Senses: As he became a Quinx, his senses had been heightened to the point of being inhuman.
  • Tsunagi: A basic bikaku quinque, given to him as a spare. He had been shown using it in combat against the Aogiri soldiers defending the Auction site, when fighting Kanae alongside his squad and when he encountered Nutcracker in the administrative building.
  • Nutcracker: An unique chimera quinque, created from the bikaku and koukaku kagunes of the ghoul of the same name. Its full capabilities are not currently known, though it displays the ability to explosively expand upon contact and destroy a target.


  • His name Shirazu (不知) literally meant "ignorant" or "don't know", and Ginshi (吟士) meant "singing man."
  • Shirazu was ranked twenty-third in the latest character popularity poll.
  • Shirazu had a crush on his superior, Akira Mado, and referred to her as the "Holy Mother" of CCG. His team appears to be aware of this fact.
  • In :re Chapter 5, his motorcycle was damaged while fighting Torso. This appeared to be a subtle nod to the previous series, and the running joke of Itsuki Marude's motorcycles being damaged during combat operations.
  • Shirazu stated his grades at the Academy were the second lowest in their group.
  • In an omake, Shirazu described the usage of his ukaku as feeling like "an ass on your back that's taking a shit."
  • Shirazu was seen with the number 12 reference to the tarot card The Hanged Man (XII) in :re Chapter 34.
  • Shirazu seemed to favor zebra patterns -- both the scarf he was wearing when disguised as a girl, and his bed sheets are zebra patterned.
  • In Tokyo Ghoul Trump, he is featured as the "Three of Clubs".


  • To Urie (about the Torso Investigation): "I only accepted because there's compensation for being a test subject of the quinx surgery. I need"
  • To Urie (for disrespecting Sasaki): "Sassan saved us by putting his life on the line. If you call him a ghoul, then you're a bastard worse than trash. I'll kill you right here!"
  • (Last words) "Sassan... I want to see Sassan... No real reason. I just wanna see him... now... I... What if I really do just die here? Haru... Urie... Saiko... Why aren't either of you saying anything? Everyone... Where are you...? Talk to me... Say something... Someone... Is anyone there? This place... So empty... It's so quiet. So I guess... ...... This is the end, huh? I'm scared! Hold my hand, please? I'm scared. I'm scared... I'm scared! Haru... She... If I'm not there for her... Let her die... Peacefully..."


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