Name Hagi
Japanese Name ハギ
Romaji Hagi
Species Ghoul
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Ward 11th Ward
Manga Debut Side Story: Rize
Novel Debut Past: Chapter 3
Image Gallery

Hagi (ハギ, Hagi) was the leader of the ghouls of the 11th ward. He was killed by Rize Kamishiro.


Hagi's face was covered in scars; notably, each of his eyes was crossed by a scar. He had shoulder-length hair.


Hagi was the leader of the ghouls of the 11th Ward when Rize Kamishiro was living there. Due to Rize's activities, the ghouls started to have trouble to move around. Hagi warned her that if she did not follow the rules, she would have to leave the ward.

Soon after, the ghoul investigators started to move in the 11th Ward due to Rize's actions. Rize decided to leave the ward, but she was confronted by Hagi and two other ghouls of the ward. They blamed Rize for stirring up the ghoul investigators' activities and for the death of one of their comrades, Dogu. They decided to make Rize pay, but were quickly defeated and killed by Rize.[1]


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