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Haru Shirazu

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Name Haru Shirazu
Japanese Name 不知 ハル
Romaji Shirazu Haru
Species Human
Status Alive
Gender Female
Relatives Ginshi Shirazu (Older Brother) †
Unnamed Father †
Unnamed Mother (Unknown)
Manga Debut :re Chapter 42
Anime Debut Re: Episode 7
English VA Kristen McGuire
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Haru Shirazu (不知 ハル, Shirazu Haru) is the younger sister of the deceased Ghoul Investigator and Quinx Squad Leader Ginshi Shirazu.

She suffers from a condition known as Rc cell over-secretion disease, and is hospitalized as a result.

Appearance Edit

Haru was a normal-looking girl prior to the development of her disease, but her appearance has since been drastically altered. She is bed-ridden with a massive Rc tumor growing out of her face, which at all times must be supported with rope attached to the ceiling of her room.

Personality Edit

Little is known about her personality, though she appears to have once been a rather ordinary girl.

Plot Edit

Background Edit

During her childhood, Haru's mother abandoned the family and disappeared. It appears that her father eventually committed suicide, leaving her older brother with the responsibility of caring for them both. She eventually developed a tumorous Rc mass and was hospitalized. In order to finance her care, Shirazu volunteered for the Quinx surgery and became a ghoul investigator.

Rose Extermination Edit

Haru is first glimpsed when Shirazu recalls their childhood, back to when she complained about her eyes feeling itchy. He noticed a small bump beneath her right eye, not realizing what it really was. She is then shown in her current condition, hospitalized and surrounded by equipment to support her vital functions with the massive tumor growing out of her right eye. It is then seen as she faintly says "I want to be beautiful," explaining Shirazu's uncomfortable behavior when Nutcracker said the same thing before her death.

Post Extermination Edit

Each of the remaining Quinx squad members promised to pay for Haru's hospitalization in Shirazu's stead.

Relationships Edit

Ginshi Shirazu Edit

The siblings had been very close, especially with their mother abandoning the family and their father's possible suicide. Her illness motivated Shirazu to volunteer for the Quinx Project, allowing himself to be experimented on and sent to hunt ghouls in exchange for money to provide for her care. Right before his death, he mentions that it would be easier to let Haru die, to prevent her from suffering from her tumor any longer.

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