IXA (イグザ, Iguza) is a koukaku-type quinque that was wielded by Kishou Arima.[1] It takes the form of a lance attached to a gun-sword handle with a spiked pommel. It is capable of piercing a ghoul's body easily and expanding. While in its defensive mode it is able to defend against the kagune of many strong ghouls.

It was first damaged during the Owl Suppression Operation in V14 against Ken Kaneki.[2]

After the Owl Suppression Operation, IXA was repaired and Arima resumed wielding it afterwards until the Third Cochlea Raid[3] where it was completely destroyed by Haise Sasaki in their second confrontation underground.

Trivia Edit

  • Members of the Arima Squad use swords that resemble IXA in both appearance and function, being able to go from a broad sword to a shield. It is unknown that either these quinques are variations of IXA or are copies of IXA.[4]

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