Chapter 2 is the second chapter in the Tokyo Ghoul spin-off Tokyo Ghoul: Jack.

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Fura visits Aki at the hospital. He starts to recall the death of his friend Ryou, saying that he always thought Ryou would die via bike accident.

He then goes to the roof of his school building, where he meets Arima once again. Arima asks if Aki is okay, assuming the girl to be a childhood friend of Fura’s. Fura asks for information on the ‘monsters,’ and what Arima knows about them. Arima refers to them as ‘ghouls’-having the same physical appearance as humans, earning them a place to blend in, and eat human flesh as well to sate their hunger- making them the natural enemies of humans. Arima also mentions that fighting off ghouls is his hobby, explaining that ghouls, like humans, have the same intelligence to process the idea of equality even though the two existences are very different.

However, Fura finds no interest in this, and so he tugs Arima by the shirt, complaining that he cares only for the revenge of his friend’s death. Fura requests to help Arima with the ‘Lantern’ case, as well as to play along with Arima’s “disturbing hobby.” The boy declines, saying that Fura would only serve as a hindrance, but nevertheless decides to accept Fura, and help him with his revenge.

Through Arima’s words, it is made known that the nightwatch teacher of the school was deeply wounded by something near the storehouse; a recent incident that occurred. He mentions that the ‘Lantern’ may be responsible for this. It is hinted that the ‘Lantern’s’ pumpkin head is reminded of by Halloween. Arima also predicts that the culprit could either be a transfer student or a homeroom teacher, expressing the need to investigate even the slightest possibility. The two agree to find out together, but Fura says he is afraid of getting eaten, even if he were to stop coming to school. Arima ridicules him, saying that it wouldn’t matter if he stopped coming to school or not, for he is absent the majority of the time.

After investigating for ten days, Fura gets impatient. He puts together a baseball bat bombarded with nails, to which Arima comments that it would be useless in comparison to a ‘ghoul’s weapon.’ He then goes on to explain that in order to counter a kagune, one needs to have another kagune, or at least something in relation to it.

Fura then asks about the questionable “guitar” which Arima is always seen carrying around on his back. When Sir. Ogata approaches the boys; they accuse him of being the culprit of the recent incidents, to which he denies. Arima and Fura subsequently look on in shock as Ogata is stabbed from behind with a kagune.