Chapter 5 is the fifth chapter in the Tokyo Ghoul spin-off Tokyo Ghoul: Jack.

Characters Edit

Summary Edit

Katou seems to have already known about Arima and Taishi, addressing them as “Ghoul Hunters.” As Arima warns Taishi to be careful with his next move, Katou unleashes his kagune, which take the shape of a pair of wings. The wings begin to emit bullets that shoot towards Arima, whom successfully blocks the attack with a wooden board. Katou charges toward them, thrusting out his kagune. However, Arima effortlessly manages to avoid each swing of Katou’s kagune, striking Yukimura at opportunistic intervals. This leads Katou to wonder what kind of special ability Arima has, due to his flawless maneuvers.

Fura pelts a large brick towards Katou, gouging his left eye in the process. Fura notes his throwing ability to still be strong. Angered, Katou leaps onto Fura, who warns Minami and swings his bat in defense; but to no avail, as Katou was already interrogating Minami. He mentions that he has no concern for Arima and Fura whatsoever. Once again, he corners Minami, aiming to consume her flesh. Caught off guard, Katou succumbs to yet another attack by the hands of Arima, who impales his entire torso with Yukimura. Smirking, Arima remarks the ghoul to be just as he thought; Katou was nothing special and no less than the average ghoul.

Defeated and laying on the ground, Katou’s mask falls off, leaving Fura to observe just how dangerous it was for Katou to target one of his classmates, expressing his relief over Minami’s safety. However, Minami laments the death of her only hair stylist, but nevertheless, thanked Arima and Fura for saving her. Fura suddenly warns Arima that his true identity has been exposed to Minami, but the girl decides to keep Arima’s status secret.

Minami then settles on joining their group, pleading with the boys to let her help them with Ghoul Investigation, much to their perplexity and hesitance.

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