Jirou Asada
Jirou Asada
Name Jirou Asada
Japanese Name 浅田 二郎
Romaji Asada Jirō
Species Ghoul
Status Unknown
Gender Male
Affiliations Tsukiyama family
Occupation Asada Goods President
Manga Debut :re Chapter 46
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Jirou Asada (浅田 二郎, Asada Jirō) is the owner of Asada Goods and a member of the Tsukiyama family.


Asada is a fairly old ghoul, with white hair and sagging cheeks. He also wears glasses.



Asada was at the Lunatic Eclipse Building where he, along with Kurei and Tycho Johannes and their followers prepared to fight the CCG to delay them in their chase of Shuu Tsukiyama. All were aware that it would cost them their lives but did it out of loyalty to Mirumo Tsukiyama.


Mirumo Tsukiyama Edit

Asada is loyal to Mirumo and is willing to sacrifice his life to protect Mirumo's family.


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