Kaiko talking with Matsuri

Kaiko root A

Name Kaiko
Japanese Name 芥子
Romaji Kaiko
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Affiliations V
Manga Debut Chapter 124
Anime Debut Episode 20
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"These ghoul bastards are putting us through the paces. For the sake of peace they must die."

— Kaiko, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 112

Kaiko (芥子, Kaiko) is a ghoul and a member of the mysterious organization V.

Appearance Edit

Kaiko is a mysterious ghoul that overshadows his eyes with a black top hat and unique dark lips. He wears a formal suit underneath a black duster coat and conceals his hands with dark gloves.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about Kaiko except that he is loyal to the organization V, and is targeting Eto and Aogiri Tree due to disrupting the stability of ghouls and humans.[1] Kaiko believes in poise and decorum as he berates Furuta for his improper speech while deferring to Arima's verbal report.[2]


Past Edit

Not much is known about Kaiko's past other than he used to know Yoshimura before he left their organization.

Owl Suppression Operation Edit

He appeared to Yoshimura and offered him one last chance to rejoin them by giving up Eto to them and swearing loyalty to V. After his offer was refused he told Yoshimura that he should go and die, and that there's nowhere for Yoshimura to run, because he's inside a cage.[1]

Post-Rose Extermination Edit

Arima and Furuta reported in to Kaiko at one of V's establishments about Eto and the likelihood of her being the "King". He ordered Arima to deal with something associated with Rize and Furuta to continue shadowing Kaneki.[2]

Third Cochlea Raid Edit

Kaiko was present in the murder of CCG chairman Tsuneyoshi Washuu along with Uta, Donato and Furuta.

Clown Siege Edit

Kaiko was present among the group of V members heading for the laboratory. Afterwards, he reappeared in the battleground, witnessing Matsuri Washuu killing V, CCG, and Clowns members. Kaiko stated that the Washuu bloodline was a thorn in V's side before brutally killing him by cutting him into ribbons.[3]

Relationships Edit

Yoshimura Edit

Yoshimura and Kaiko used to be part of the ghoul organization V. Years after Yoshimura left the organization and before the CCG attack on Anteiku, Kaiko appeared to Yoshimura and due to being old acquaintances, he offered to help him in return for swearing loyalty to V and giving up Eto. However, after Yoshimura refused the offer Kaiko told him to go off and die.

Kishou Arima Edit

Kaiko has a presumably higher position in V, and issues orders to Arima. He seems to value him for his strength and eloquence during their meeting.

Nimura Furuta Edit

Kaiko has a presumably higher position in V, and issues orders to Furuta. He reprimands him for his lack of manners during their meeting.

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