This page specifies special guidelines for Ken Kaneki
For consistency in article structure or writing style, please abide by the following guidelines. All edits to the page in question should give consideration to community consensus.

For consistency, keep the following in close mind when editing:

  • Kaneki and Sasaki are different names used for the same person. Because Sasaki is the identity Kaneki adopted in Tokyo Ghoul:re and continued to use after regaining his memory, he will be referred to as follows:
    • Sections covering information from :re Chapter 1 to 75 shall use Sasaki.
    • Sections covering information from :re Chapter 76 onwards shall use Kaneki unless otherwise specified.
  • Sasaki's mental projection of Kaneki is to be either referred to as a "mental projection" or placed in quotations (i.e. "Kaneki") when it is referred to as Kaneki.
  • In cases where information from Tokyo Ghoul, the first series, and :re are mixed, any new instances of Sasaki being used should have :re specified and/or include "as Sasaki" or some variant to allow for smooth transition.