For the character of the main series, see Ken Kaneki.
Ken Kaneki
One-Shot Kaneki
Name Ken Kaneki
Japanese Name 金木 研 (かねき けん)
Romaji Kaneki Ken
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Age 19
Gender Male
Occupation Cafe employee
Manga Debut Oneshot
Image Gallery

Ken Kaneki (金木 研, Kaneki Ken) is the protagonist of the prototype Oneshot and a counterpart to the original series' protagonist, Ken Kaneki.


Kaneki's appearance is relatively the same to his counterpart, except has a more muscular build, and instead of a leather mask with an eyepatch, he wears a plain white mask with exaggerated teeth and lips with one eye in the form of a plus and the other a heart.



He gives off an appearance of a kind cafe employee, however, he is much more ruthless as a ghoul, willing to eliminate anyone that stands in his way. He does seem to appreciate human life, as he is shocked to see a child murdered by a ghoul, and only kills humans if he needs to.


Kaneki took an order from an unknown customer. Touka asked him whether or not they were policemen, and Kaneki responded that they were ghoul investigators. Touka wondered why the investigators continued visiting the cafe while Kaneki jokingly made a confession that he was a ghoul, seemingly shocking Touka. The cafe manager called out to both Touka and Kaneki for lunch, and while Touka made an excuse of being on a diet, Kaneki quickly devoured the food and rushed to the toilet to vomit. However, while getting out of the toilet, he encountered a ghoul investigator on his way back.

After a treat from the manager, Kaneki discussed the "8 people killer" while saying that the reckless murders were completely unnecessary, stating that he would only kill humans that would get in his way.

While overhearing many people complaining about the ghoul murders, Kaneki angrily thought that none of them realized how hard the ghoul life really was before being interrupted by a ghoul investigator. They had a brief discussion before Shinohara insisted on treating Kaneki to a meal. Naturally, Kaneki threw up on the table due to the negative effects of consuming human food.

Some time later, Kaneki planned on ambushing Shinohara while he was at a parking lot, accidentally being noticed by Touka while tracking him. Kaneki attacked the investigator, while the latter parried all of his attacks and countered by punching him in the stomach. Touka interrupted the fight between Shinohara and Kaneki, and while the investigator did not pay mind to Touka's talk, he attacked Kaneki again. Kaneki took Touka as a hostage, however, Shinohara still charged Kaneki. Touka was then revealed to be the "8 people killer" from before, and they both engaged Shinohara in a fight, as Kaneki pierced him in the abdomen.

Later, Kaneki gave advice on Touka's unquenchable hunger for human meat, and practiced eating sandwiches with her.


  • Kaneki's clown-like ghoul mask makes a cameo appearance in the main series as an item on display in Uta's shop.[1]


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