Kuroiwa Squad

Kuroiwa Squad prior to Owl Suppression.

Kuroiwa Squad (黒磐班, Kuroiwa-han) was a CCG squad under the command of Special Class Iwao Kuroiwa. After the death of the squad leader, its current status and leadership is unknown.

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11th Ward Battle Edit

Members of the Kuroiwa Squad participated in the 11th Ward Battle.

Iwao Kuroiwa and Misato Gori were both part of the 11th Ward Special Countermeasures Unit. Gori was among the people who fought and defeated the Bin brothers and their underlings, under the command of Mutsumi Chino. Kuroiwa fought the Non-Killing Owl alongside Yukinori Shinohara and Take Hirako.

Owl Suppression Operation Edit

The Kuroiwa Squad participated in the Owl Suppression Operation as member of Squad 1.

Iwao was assigned leader of Squad 1 and fought against Yoshimura while the rest of the squad fought against members of the Black Dobers and Apes.

Iwao lost his left arm as a result of this operation.

Clowns' CCG Assault Edit

Members of the Kuroiwa Squad were taking back the 22nd Ward Branch Office during an attack of the Clowns.

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