The Lantern Investigation was a major case undertaken by the Commission of Counter Ghoul, to eliminate the serial predator known as Lantern. The primary investigation was overseen by Itsuki Marude, with Kishou Arima working undercover as a transfer student at Seishin High School. After Lantern killed several members of a local motorcycle gang, student Taishi Fura became involved in the undercover investigation.


  • CCG
    • Itsuki Marude
    • Kishou Arima
    • Taishi Fura
  • Ghouls
    • Uruka Minami / Lantern
    • Yakumo "Yamori" Oomori
    • Sumiharu Katou
    • Ogata
  • Others
    • Ryou
    • Aki Sasada
    • Ogata
    • Unnamed gang members


The investigation resulted in the deaths of several human bystanders and ghouls from the 13th Ward.

  • Humans
    • Ryou - killed by Lantern
    • Aki Sasada - right eye torn out by Lantern.
    • unnamed gang members - killed by Lantern.
    • Ogata - wounded by Tanaka, condition unknown.
  • Ghouls
    • Uruka Minami - killed by Taishi Fura
    • Sumiharu Katou - killed by Kishou Arima
    • Numerous unnamed ghouls - killed by Kishou Arima


  • Taishi Fura makes the decision to join the CCG and become a Ghoul Investigator.
  • Yamori becomes a high-priority target for the CCG, eventually leading to his capture, and torture while a prisoner in Cochlea.


  1. Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 111
  2. The date range is based on the fact that Taishi Fura and Kishou Arima were second-year high school students during the investigation. Second-year high school students are 16 years old at the start of the school year on April 1st. See their pages for their birth dates.
  3. Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 112

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