This is a list of investigators who have appeared in Tokyo Ghoul and its sequel Tokyo Ghoul:re until now.

Investigators are employed by the Commission of Counter Ghoul to investigate in crime scenes assumed to be caused by ghouls. The CCG employs two kinds of investigators; ghoul investigators and bureau investigators. In addition, the CCG sometimes employs investigator assistants (捜査官補佐, sōsakan hosa).

The investigators are sorted by rank.

Ghoul Investigators Edit

Main article: Ghoul Investigator

Special Class Investigators Edit

Associate Special Class Investigators Edit

First Class Investigators Edit

Rank 1 Investigators Edit

Rank 2 Investigators Edit

Rank 3 Investigators Edit

Unknown Rank Edit

Bureau Investigators Edit

Main article: Bureau Investigator

Rank 3 Investigators Edit

Unknown Rank Edit

Investigator Assistants Edit

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