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Masks (マスク, masuku) are worn by ghouls to prevent their identities as "humans" from being discovered by the CCG. Several masks bear a symbolic attachment or representation to their owner. They heavily influence the alias of some ghouls filed under by the CCG.

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Masks Edit

Mask Ghoul Alias Description

Kaneki's Mask

TG re Haise Sasaki Mask

Ken Kaneki/Haise Sasaki Eyepatch Kaneki's mask was designed by Uta. It was modeled after Kaneki's situation, becoming an artificial one-eyed ghoul. As Uta explained, only the left eye was exposed was because he wanted to see the world that was hidden beneath the medical eye-patch Kaneki wore, as he was unable to control his kakugan from manifesting at that time. Kaneki's transformation into a one-eyed ghoul reflects on the apparent Frankenstein motif of his mask.

The mask is mainly made out of leather and covers most of Kaneki's face with the exception of his left eye and hair.

The mask has "artificial" teeth and exposed gums on it to make it look more realistic. The mask also has a zipper to increase its efficiency; to prey on meals and consume them while protecting Kaneki's identity without the need to remove it.


Touka disguised as a Gas Masks member

Touka Kirishima Rabbit The mask of Touka is a cartoon rabbit covering all her face (except for her hair), which then gives her the alias Rabbit. The rabbit's head is white and it has two long ears with pink highlights.

Ayato Black Rabbit

Ayato mask root a

Ayato Kirishima Black Rabbit A variation of Touka's, Ayato donned this mask to convince the CCG he was the one responsible for Kureo Mado's death and turn them away from Touka.
Hinami's mask Hinami Fueguchi Yotsume
Yomomask Renji Yomo Raven Yomo's mask is modeled after a raven beak.
Yoshimura's mask Yoshimura Non-Killing Owl
Serpent's Mask Nishiki Nishio Serpent


Tsukiyama's new mask

Shuu Tsukiyama Gourmet/MM
Banjou's Mask Kazuichi Banjou None
Jiro1 Jiro None
Sante2 Sante None
Ichimi1 Ichimi None
Devilapemaskanime Enji Koma Devil Ape This mask was used by Enji Koma during his days as the leader of the ghoul gang the Devil Apes and later during the Anteiku Raid. Members of the gang also wore these masks.
Blackdoganime Kaya Irimi Black Dog This mask was used by Irimi when she was the leader of the Black Dobers and during the Anteiku Raid. Like the Devil Apes, members of the gang also wore these masks.
Kurona's mask Anime Kurona Yasuhisa Kuro A mask with vertical stripes, the hole on the mask indicates where Kurona's ghoul eye is.
Nashiro's mask Anime Nashiro Yasuhisa Shiro Unlike Kurona's, Shirona's mask has horizontal stripes. However, this mask also has one eye hole over her ghoul eye.

Kanae's Mask


Kanae aogiri mask

Kanae von Rosewald Rose Kanae wore several masks over the course of the series. The first one was a party mask used by the ghouls during the Auction. The second one was the mask worn by the servants of the Tsukiyama family when they hunt. Her final mask is given to her after her torture at the hands of Eto, and its teeth motif distinctly resembles Noro's.
Yamori's mask Yakumo Oomori Jason Yamori wore a white mask resembling a hockey mask. This is a reference to Jason Voorhees, the antagonist of the Friday the 13th series.
Tatara2 Tatara None
Noro's mask Anime Noroi Noro
Bin brothers3 Bin Brothers Tail Brothers
Mizamask Miza Three Blades

Saeki's mask 2

Torso's Makeshift Mask

Karao Saeki Torso
Nico's mask Nico Big Sister

Uta's mask

Uta re Masks

Uta's third mask

Uta No Face Uta has worn two distinctly different masks so far. During his early days, he wore a flat mask with stripes running horizontally. During the Auction Raid, Uta wore a beaked mask with several small holes on its side. Despite wearing two different masks, Take Hirako was still able to identify him as No Face.
Souta1 Nimura Furuta Souta This mask is used by Furuta to infiltrate the Clowns as Souta.
Itorimask Itori None
Romamask Roma Hoito Gipsy
Scarecrow Hideyoshi Nagachika Scarecrow
Kie Muramatsu anime Kie Muramatsu Applehead
Katou Sumiharu Mask Sumiharu Katou None
Minami Uruka Mask Uruka Minami Lantern Minami's mask is a Jack-o-Lantern pumpkin, hence her name. It's one of the few masks known in Tokyo Ghoul to cover the entire head.

Aogiri mask


Low-ranking Aogiri Tree members Low-ranking Aogiri members wear these identical masks alongside their hooded robes.
Mutsuki mask
Tooru Mutsuki Eyepatch This mask was made by Uta to help the Quinx Squad go undercover as ghouls. The mask resembles a mummy and exposes Mutsuki's right eye where his kakugan is.
Saiko mask
Saiko Yonebayashi Little Fairy This mask was made by Uta to help the Quinx Squad go undercover as ghouls.
Shirazu mask
Ginshi Shirazu None This mask was made by Uta to help the Quinx Squad go undercover as ghouls. The mask somewhat resembles a cartoon shark grinning with its teeth visible.
Kuki Urie's mask
Kuki Urie None This mask was made by Uta to help the Quinx Squad go undercover as ghouls. This beaked mask covers the upper half of Urie's face and his chin, with an opening where his mouth is.
Hooguro mask
Hooguro None
Shousei mask
Shousei Idera None
Kado Mask
Kado None
Sumi Mask
Sumi None
Dona in mask
Donato Porpora PriestCrown

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