Name Mayuhara
Japanese Name 眉原 (まゆはら)
Romaji Mayuhara
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 16 - 17
Gender Female
Affiliations Kiyomi High School (Formerly)
Occupation High School Student (Formerly)
Ward 20th Ward
Novel Debut Days: Chapter 2
Image Gallery

Mayuhara (眉原, Mayuhara) is a student at Kiyomi High School, and a classmate of Touka Kirishima and Yoriko Kosaka.


Mayuhara is a teenage girl with pink hair styled in a short bob, pulled to one side with a hair decoration. She wears the same standard uniform as other students at Kiyomi High School.


Mayuhara is a primarily defined by her petty nature, relentlessly bullying other students that she perceives as weak. She is aided in this by a pair of other girls, and draws strength in numbers when targeting others. However, she is also a coward and is easily intimidated by anyone that actually stands up to her. She also seems analytical, as she noticed Touka's struggle to consume Yoriko's cooking, oblivious to the fact that she is a ghoul. 

Plot Edit

After several boys in their class compliment Yoriko for her cooking, Mayuhara becomes jealous and begins to target her. This teasing leads to an argument between Yoriko and Touka, putting a strain on their friendship.

Eventually, Touka confronts and frightens Mayuhara into leaving Yoriko alone.

Relationships Edit

References Edit

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