Use the form below to upload files. For general help on how to upload files, see also Help:Uploading files.

Before uploading any images, please read the following guidelines on images in this wiki. If the upload of an image does not follow the guidelines, the image will be deleted. Failure to comply with the guidelines might result in a warning or a ban, depending on severity of the violation.

Depending on how the image will be used on the wiki, you can either follow the guidelines on general images or temporary comment images. If you want to use the image in articles and want it to stay permanently, you have to follow the guidelines of general images. If you only want to upload the image for temporary use in comments, though, you might instead follow the simpler guidelines on temporary comment images.

Guidelines for general images:

  • You may only upload official art. Fanart or doctored images are prohibited.
  • The images have to be used in articles or templates.
  • Choose a meaningful name for the upload in the field Destination filename.
  • Copy the following text into the summary field:
{{file information
|other information=
  • Fill in the file information as follows:
    • In the description field, fill in a short description of the image. This field is required.
    • In the source field, give the source of the image. This field is required. For images from Tokyo Ghoul mangas, novels or animes, please use the {{file series source}} template that outputs standard source information and correctly categorizes the image according to source for you (see the link for more information). Typical ways of using this template are:
      • For images from the original manga: If you put {{file series source|tg-manga|25|12}} and {{file series source|tg-manga|36}} you'll create source links to chapter 25 page 12 and chapter 36 of the original Tokyo Ghoul manga, respectively. {{file series source|tg-vol|3|12}} creates a source link to volume 3 page 12 of the original manga.
      • For images from :re: {{file series source|re|25|10}} creates a source link to chapter 25 page 10. "re-vol" can be used to create source links to :re volumes.
      • For images from the anime: {{file series source|anime|10}} outputs source information for anime episode 10. For the OVAs Jack and Pinto, use "jack" or "pinto" in place of the episode number.
      • Other supported series are manga Jack, and novels Hibi, Kuuhaku und Sekijitsu.
      • For images from Ishida's twitter or tumblr: Use {{file series source|sotonami|link}} for Ishida's twitter or {{file series source|sui-zakki|link}} for Ishida's tumblr, where link points to the tweet or tumblr post.
      • For images from other twitter accounts or tumblrs: Use {{file series source|twitter|link}} or {{file series source|tumblr|link}} for Ishida's tumblr, where link points to the tweet or tumblr post.
    • In the portion field, describe what portion of the source you used here (for example, "single panel" if it is one panel taken from a manga page). This only has to be filled in if it is applicable.
    • In the purpose field, explain for what kind of use you uploaded the image. This field is required.
    • In the other information field, you may give other notable information. This field is optional.
  • Choose the correct license. This is required.
  • Please categorize the image correctly. If you use the {{file series source}} template, the image will be categorized according to source automatically, so you usually do not have to categorize the image manually.
  • Check if the image already exists before you upload the image. Duplicate images should be avoided.
  • If the image already exists and you have a higher quality version, use "upload a new version of this file" on the old image's page. Remember to update the source and licensing information if necessary.
  • Do not use "upload a new version of this file" if you intend to upload a different image.

For comment images:

  • For images that you plan to use in comments, the Tokyo Ghoul wiki does not put any special restrictions on the content of these images. Please keep in mind that the image still has to comply with Wikia's Terms of Use, though.
  • Comment images can only be uploaded temporarily. After a few hours to days, the image will be deleted. If you want the image to stay permanently, please consider using an external image host or link to the source directly.
  • Copy into the summary field:
{{comment image}}
  • Please write some short information on the source of this image.
  • Please choose the appropriate license.

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