Name Moku
Japanese Name モク
Romaji Moku
Species Ghoul
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Died around December 9, 0 ASBI[1][2]
Affiliations Aogiri Tree
Ward 11th Ward
Manga Debut Chapter 55
Image Gallery

Moku (モク, Moku) is a ghoul resident of the 11th Ward. He was a member of Kazuichi Banjou's group when he was still the leader of the 11th Ward.


He wears the typical attire of Aogiri Tree's members.



Before he was forced to join Aogiri, he went by the name Yamamoto (山本, Yamamoto).[1]

Aogiri ArcEdit

Moku participated in the Anti-Aogiri meeting of ghouls associated with Banjou where they planned to escape from the 11th Ward Base.[3]

He was killed by Yamori during the groups escape attempt.[1]


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