Name Murata
Japanese Name 村田 (むらた)
Romaji Murata
Species Human
Status Alive
Gender Male
Affiliations CCG
Occupation Bureau Investigator
Ward 20th ward
Manga Debut Chapter 47
Image Gallery

Murata (村田, Murata) is a bureau investigator working at CCG's branch office in the 20th ward.




According to the talk of some investigators, Murata's unit was in bad shape when Touka Kirishima and Ken Kaneki delivered false information to CCG's branch office in the 20th ward.[1]

When Murata asked Yasutomo Nakajima about Koutarou Amon's state, Nakajima answered that Amon had become obsessed with his job. Both expressed their concern about the current developments in the 20th ward and the "11th ward incident".[2]


  1. Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 20
  2. Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 47

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