Name Nameless
Japanese Name 名無き
Romaji Nanaki
Species One-eyed ghoul
Status Alive
Gender Male
Occupation Revolutionary
Manga Debut :re Chapter 64
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Nameless (名無き, Nanaki) is the protagonist of Sen Takatsuki's final work, King Bileygr.


Little is revealed about his personality, though he is stated to be a noble and heroic figure with a strong sense of justice.



King BileygrEdit

A one-eyed ghoul without a name, Nameless becomes an unlikely hero who gathers a large number of ghouls under his leadership. Forming a revolutionary movement, he battles against a corrupt human organization to free his people from oppression.


Role in the SeriesEdit

The release of King Bileygr has an enormous impact upon the public, as it is a novel written by a ghoul and features a sympathetic ghoul protagonist. Eto Yoshimura uses the novel to create controversy, causing both an interest in Ghoul Rights and criticism of the Commission of Counter Ghoul. Protests erupt as a direct result, and among the employees of the organization, unease begins to spread.

The novel intentionally draws attention to the Washuu Clan, with several people noting the similarities between them and the villains of the story. This suggestion of a wide-spread conspiracy within the organization prompts Itsuki Marude to begin an investigation, leading him to uncover the true nature of the CCG's leaders. Armed with this knowledge, he confronts and assassinates Yoshitoki Washuu.

Aogiri Tree executive Ayato Kirishima speculates the novel is also intended to inspire ghouls, paving the way for the arrival of the One-Eyed King. The character of Nameless and the One-Eyed King bear numerous similarities, leading Ken Kaneki, who at the time worked for the CCG as ghoul investigator Haise Sasaki, to theorize it is intentional. After accepting the title of One-Eyed King, Kaneki follows the story's path by forming the revolutionary organization, Goat.