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Narukami (ナルカミ, Narukami) is an ukaku-type quinque. It discharges condensed Rc cells just like lightning bolts. Possessing a tracking function, evasion of the bolts is next to impossible.[1] After mode change, it possesses durability sufficient to cut cleanly through one of the One-Eyed Owl's appendages.

It was wielded by Kishou Arima.

It was partially damaged during Kishou Arima's confrontation with Renji Yomo.[2][3]


  • T-Human, a quinque formerly used by Hairu Ihei, greatly resembles Narukami as it fires electric bolts in a similar fashion.
  • Lightning-like bolts produced by Renji Yomo's and Touka Kirishima's kagune, are similar to Narukami's ability.


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