Nishiki Nishio's elder sister
Nishiki Nishio's sister
Name Nishiki Nishio's elder sister
Species Ghoul
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Relatives Unnamed Parents †
Nishiki Nishio (Younger brother)
Manga Debut Chapter 43
Anime Debut Episode 5
Seiyuu Yumi Uchiyama
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Nishiki Nishio's elder sister (name unknown) is a ghoul. She was killed after she was betrayed by the shop owner she was working for.


In the anime she had ginger hair like Nishiki that came to about her shoulders.


Gourmet ArcEdit

She is shown in a flashback in this arc during Nishiki's confrontation between Tsukiyama. She is seen living with her brother in a worn out tent and acts has parental and caring figure to Nishiki teaching him to accept the fact that to survive human flesh consumption is vital when the latter expressed desires not kill and eat humans. This however does not stop her from interacting with humans in their world, going as far as to dating a an affluent shop owner to be able to live more comfortably. Tragically she is discovered and killed by the CCG when the very same human she was dating reported her. This human was then later killed by Nishiki as an act of revenge.


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