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The Osmanthus Medal (木犀章, Mokuseishō) is an award given to ghoul investigators who eliminate a certain number of ghouls within the span of a year.

Awards Edit

  • Osmanthus Medal (木犀章, Mokuseishō): The base level, given for eliminating 30 ghouls in a year.
  • Silver Osmanthus Medal (銀木犀章, Ginmokuseishō): The second level, given for eliminating 50 ghouls in a year.
  • Golden Osmanthus Medal (金木犀章, Kinmokuseishō): The third and highest level of the award, given for eliminating 100 ghouls in a year.

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Trivia Edit

  • Olives are located in the center of the medals and are well known symbols of "peace."
  • The Osmanthus is a flowering plant, the specific species depicted on the medals is the Osmanthus fragrans, a favorite garden shrub of Japan known for its fragrant flowers.
  • The Osmanthus fragrans is the "town tree" of Yoshitomi, located in the Fukuoka Prefecture, the same prefecture of Japan that Sui Ishida resides.

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