The Quinx Squad

The original Quinx Squad.

The Quinx Squad or Qs Squad is a squad affiliated to Mado Squad that consists entirely of Quinx. The Quinx members are referred to as humans with built-in quinque in their bodies, drawing a distinction between them and normal one-eyed ghouls. The members are regarded as human research subjects who have undergone the surgical procedure developed by Dr. Kouitsu Chigyou. The tasks assigned to the Quinx were often monitored and overseen by Haise Sasaki until he resigned as their mentor.[1] They all currently reside in a house called The Chateau, located in the 1st ward.

Though the squad has proficiently skilled ghoul investigators, the Quinx members often face prejudice and discrimination from higher-class investigators, such as the Hirako Squad, who accuse them of being incompetent and sloppy at doing their work, rendering Haise Sasaki as the primary cause. However, after the Auction Mopping-up Operation their reputation greatly improved, leading to discussion of expanding their ranks.[2] After the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation their reputation further increased and the squad welcomed new members.[3]

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  • Kuki Urie
  • Saiko Yonebayashi
  • Tooru Mutsuki
  • Ginshi Shirazu

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  • Shinsanpei Aura
  • Touma Higemaru
  • Ching-Li Hsiao

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Torso Investigation Edit

The Quinx squad's first ghoul investigation was about the A rated ghoul called Torso who committed notorious murders of women whose bodies were dismembered then beheaded with only their torso taken away. His victims had only one thing in common which was that they all had scars of some sort; this detail was found out by rank one Haise Sasaki and rank three Tooru Mutsuki. Later on rank two Kuki Urie and rank three Ginshi Shirazu engaged in battle with Akashi Kobayashi a ghoul who's occupation was a taxi driver thinking he was Torso. Kobayashi is proven not to be Torso and after being defeated was sent to Cochlea and marked with only a rating of B+. After that ordeal the Quinx squad was ordered by their higher ups to catch Torso in a month. Kuki Urie and Ginshi Shirazu got more intel on Torso thanks to Chie Hori, meanwhile Haise and Mutsuki head down to Cochlea a prison meant for ghouls. They conversed with the SS rated Russian ghoul Donato Porpora to gain more information on Torso.

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  • Volunteers were given financial compensation in exchange for undergoing the surgical procedure.
    • Shirazu cites this as his reason for volunteering.
    • Saiko's mother also seemingly approved on Saiko's surgery because of this.
  • Dr. Shiba states that as long as their Rc levels remain below those of a ghoul (~1000), they are able to eat human food.
  • Urie, Shirazu, and Saiko are all alumni of the 7th Academy. Mutsuki is the exception, being an alumni of the 2nd Junior Academy. They are all members of the 77th Class.
  • In the medical treatment's letter of consent, it is stated that the Quinx are given semi-permanent life support. If the Quinx were to resign, they would still be entitled to receive this support.

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