The Raid of Kanou's Lab was a small-scale operation to investigate a mansion and facility owned by Akihiro Kanou, which turned into a battle between Kaneki's group, Aogiri Tree, and members of CCG.


Kaneki's GroupEdit





  • Yukinori Shinohara is hospitalized after his battle with Centipede.
  • Nashiro Yasuhisa is critically wounded, and abandoned by Dr. Kanou.
  • Akira Mado is wounded by Naki.
  • Naki is severely wounded by Akira Mado.
  • Numerous failed experiments destroyed.


  • Ken Kaneki develops into an Incomplete Kakuja, and is given an SS-rating by CCG.
  • Kaneki learns of Yoshimura's connection to the origins of Aogiri.
  • Dr. Kanou's experiments into hybridization are discovered.
  • Dr. Kanou joins Aogiri.
  • Rize is rescued by Yomo, and taken into his care.


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