The Red Hands' (赤い手の, Akai Te no) is the one hundredth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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In the CCG Main Office, Kuki Urie leans against a pillar while a Special Class Meeting took place. A disheveled Matsuri Washuu, along with Juuzou Suzuya, Iwao Kuroiwa, Koori Ui and a recovered Mougan Tanakamaru, discuss Tsuneyoshi Washuu's will and nomination to appoint Souta Washuu-Furuta as the next leader of the CCG. However, since they were unfamiliar with him and his unqualified status, they had him participate in the meeting, however he arrives late. Asking him about his time with Haise Sasaki, Furuta explains his opinions of the questionable acts of "HS" from his time as his partner.

Afterwards, Koori smokes against a wall, thinking, when Kuramoto Itou, Takeomi Kuroiwa and Misato Gori pass by him and are acknowledged by Iwao. As Koori leaves, Kuramoto follows him and inquires about Take Hirako before sharing his disbelief of both Sasaki's and Take's betrayal. Koori advises him to get rid of his personal feelings to not lose the things most important. Walking away, Koori wonders what is most important to him, realizing he lost all of those who were most important to him; Kishou Arima, Take, Hairu Ihei, and surprisingly, Sasaki, and wonders what he fights for.

Juuzou is beside Shinohara's hospital bed with Iwao, when the latter wants to hear his opinion on the One-Eyed King. Juuzou admits he has been thinking of the possibility of Sasaki becoming his enemy since he knows Sasaki is really strong. When asked if he could kill him, he says Sasaki is his friend, but is aware of what must be done, in the order of what is most important.

Urie meets with Matsuri in his office. After Matsuri has checked Urie's willingness to do his bidding, Urie brings up the topic of next Bureau Director, claiming the other man would be the best for the job, taking him by surprise. Before Urie leaves, Matsuri instructs him to watch Furuta due to his suspicions of him. After, he begins to strip off his clothes, unable to help himself he believes, and stands completely nude, thinking he may be in love with Urie whilst caressing himself.

Urie encounters both Tooru Mutsuki and Saiko Yonebayashi in the hall and uses the opportunity to be updated on their search for Sasaki. Saiko reports the Qs' efforts, having both Shinsanpei Aura and Touma Higemaru checking various places. Mutsuki claimed to have a lead that came up with nothing, but thought about :re, choosing to not mention it. Urie states who has the highest chance of finding Sasaki before Saiko interrupts, mentioning her own feelings about it. Urie tells her to not be hindered by personal emotion before leaving with Ching-Li Hsiao.

Mutsuki and Saiko continue their conversation. Saiko, wondering if she is the only one feeling the way she does asks Mutsuki, he expresses his belief in Sasaki, and that he had a reason for his actions. Saiko shocks him when she asks about what he was hiding to which Mutsuki shares that he was born a woman before leaving with Ayumu Hogi.

Underground, Kazuichi Banjou uses his kagune to heal Akira Mado and greets Hinami Fueguchi as she enters. Asking how she felt, considering Akira's father killed Hinami's mother, Banjou smiles to her response of knowing Akira is important to Kaneki. Meanwhile, Seidou Takizawa is in the corner of the room, yawning.

Furuta is surprised to see Ken Kaneki, addressing him as "Associate Special Class" and wonders if he was there to kill him. Kaneki only greets him and clarifies he was "former" Associate Special Class.

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  • The proverb at the end of the chapter, "Make hay while the sun shines..." generally means to take advantage of circumstances before the chance slips away.

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