The Toy's (玩具の, Omocha no) is the one hundred first chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Souta Washuu-Furuta and Ken Kaneki meet outside, the latter saying that he wanted to see Souta's face. Kaneki questions the CCG's current leadership to which Souta responds that he ordered the Clowns to murder the Washuu Clan. At the moment, Matsuri Washuu is the de facto Chairman but there is conflict due to Tsuneyoshi Washuu's last will which states that Souta is the designated Chairman. Souta suggests Kaneki while grabbing his neck, to disappear and take the blame. He eagerly congratulates himself for the slaughter of the Washuu clan.

Kaneki realizes that he cannot have negotiations with him, then asks Souta if he was the one who dropped the steel girders on him and why he chose him. Souta frantically tells Kaneki that he was after Rize Kamishiro. He explains the Washuu family tree, including the various branch families. There are two main roles: those who plant seeds and the recipients. V is comprised of people tasked to work for the Washuu which include Kishou Arima and Souta. Rize was a recipient womb whose purpose was to preserve the Washuu's pure ghoul bloodline. During their time in the Sunlit Garden, Souta developed feelings for Rize and helped her escape. He was infuriated at how Rize took her freedom for granted and sought to keep her close by capturing her. Kaneki just happened to be collateral damage. Souta insists that he wants to have many children with Rize and requests Kaneki to play with them when they make their debut.

After Souta leaves, Fuka appears and asks Kaneki if it is okay to let him go, which Kaneki affirms by stating that it is more convenient for Souta to hold power.

At :re, Renji Yomo and Take Hirako discuss Kaneki's kindness and his tendency to accept others. Yomo shares his hatred for Arima then Hirako tells him that everyone would work for Arima's praise but could never earn it. He insists that at the moment they should focus on a common ground, that being their mutual trust in Kaneki. Hirako finishes and compliments his coffee when suddenly the news reports a CCG building on fire. Multiple wards are being attacked by Clowns. The Kuroiwa, Suzuya, and Quinx Squads are engaging the Clowns throughout these wards, believing that Kaneki is the perpetrator behind the attacks. The CCG Main Office attempts to contact Matsuri about the ambushes. To everyone's surprise, Kaneki requests Shuu Tsukiyama prepare a large batch of white suits.

Akira Mado is still bedridden with a high fever. Seidou Takizawa becomes increasingly anxious and urges Banjou to do something. Suddenly, Nico introduces himself.

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  • On the chapter's cover page, at the left and right side of Kaneki's head are some distorted Japanese which are excerpts from the Iroha (いろは), a renowned Japanese poem since it is both a perfect pangram and isogram - containing each character of the Japanese syllabary exactly once.

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