The Night Is Coming (夜がくる, Yoru ga kuru) is the one hundred thirty-fifth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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With the battle in Kichimura Washuu's office progressing, Roma Hoito's backstory reveals her affiliation as the sole founder of the Clowns. Flashbacks to the events at the time of the Second Cochlea Raid occur, with Aogiri Tree infiltrating Cochlea and Tatara and offering Roma Hoito a place among their ranks. Due to the two's conflicting principles, with Tatara wishing to create a world led by ghouls and the latter preferring to stick with indulging in her voyeurism, the two fight, leading to Tatara accidentally letting Roma free.

The scene pans back to the fight in the bureau chief's office, continuing on from Kuki Urie getting impaled. Restating her ideologies, Roma rises up from the ground, stitching her head together immaculately, and turns into her kakuja form as the SSS-rated "Dodgy Mother". As Urie falls to the ground, Iwao Kuroiwa stands unwavering in the face of drooling adversity.

The scene then transfers back to the 24th ward, where recalibrated Oggai begin attacking. Dwellers of the 24th ward are sliced to pieces mercilessly. The party is commandeered by Tooru Mutsuki, in a fashion reminiscent of a boot camp instructor.

With ghouls falling one by one, Renji Yomo steps up to buy time for Touka Kirishima, stating she still has ones she must protect. Just as Touka is about to escape, she and the noncombatant Goat members encounter a hostile Hajime Hazuki, who jokingly pities her for reaching a dead end.

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