Pulsing Signal (脈打つ信号, Myakuutsu Shingō) is the forty-ninth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Quinx and Itou's Squad battle Noro. Noro strikes first, killing Umeno and Nezu. Just as Noro's kagune reaches Saiko, Takeomi cuts it down while defending Saiko. Urie slashes another portion of Noro's kagune. Mutsuki and Shirazu simultaneously attack Noro, pinning him down. Saiko releases her kagune and bisects Noro. Noro immediately regenerates and attacks Kuramoto, breaking his ribs.

With a hole through her chest, Hairu desperately requests her quinque from Okahira. Hairu overwhelms Matsumae with T-Human's lightning bolts. Suddenly, Mairo leaps ahead of Matsumae and decapitates Hairu after getting bifurcated by the lightning bolts.

Kijima approaches Matsumae but gets stabbed by Mairu. While Kijima's distracted, Matsumae cuts Kijima's arm off and uses Rotten Follow to gash him.

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