Eve (イヴ, Ivu) is the fifty-second chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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While Haise Sasaki is being held over the skyscraper, Kanae tells him to be a happy memory for Shuu Tsukiyama before he dies. Haise begins to hallucinate his past encounter with Kishou Arima. As Haise is unable to stand anymore, Arima tells him to kill just as he does, and asks Haise if he would like to die again. After kicking Kanae's head off, Haise comes back to his senses claiming that his body belongs to him. When Kanae starts to reattach his head, Haise starts to attack and counter Kanaes attacks while managing to pierce him through the chest.

When this is happening Kanae starts to remember the CCG's attack on his household. When making his escape, his mother collapsed and his brothers sacrificed themselves for his safety. When making it to the main family, Kanae was the lone survivor. He changes his name and begins living as a male to take the place of his two dead brothers. Kanae remembers his torture and states that he wanted to be loved.

After throwing Kanae against a wall, Haise starts walking towards him while Shuu tries holding him back. As Haise stands over Kanae, Eto appears and strikes Haise from behind.

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  • The title of the chapter, "Eve" when coupled with "Re," forms the word "reeve." This may be a reference to Eto's position in Aogiri Tree as one definition of reeve is "a person of high rank who serves the crown," in Eto's case, this would be the One-Eyed King.

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