Dream (夢, Yume) is the fifty-third chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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While Matsuri Washuu looms over the Luna Eclipse, Eto bursts through his helicopter when making her way to the top of the building. Able to react fast enough, Matsuri uses his hook to clip onto the building and swing through one of the windows.

Eto ambushes Haise Sasaki from above and manages to strike him with a powerful blow, launching him away from Kanae. Eto emerges from her kakuja and briefly mocks Sasaki's ability. She then orders Kanae to attack Sasaki with all she has. Kanae begins her assault on Sasaki, brutally beating him while Eto watches in the distance. The beating towards his head, causes him to enter his subconscious once more.

Ginshi Shirazu continues his battle with Noro, he goes over the things that have happened to each squads that ended up facing Noro. While thinking this, Shirazu charges the ghoul head on.

In his subconscious, Sasaki meets "Kaneki", who begins to taunt him, asking him if this is how he was going to protect him. Reaching out his hand, Sasaki grabs him by the throat. As he begins strangling "Kaneki", his repressed memories come back to him. He recalls the abuse by his mother as a child, sitting upon a tower, "Kaneki" reveals that his salvation is to die in style. Sasaki asks him if that will be his salvation, when "Kaneki" agrees, Sasaki accepts his past and resolves to stop dreaming.

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