Born Child (娩児, Benji) is the fifty-fourth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Recovering his senses, Haise Sasaki immediately cuts off Karren's arm. While Karren kneels down, Haise grabs a steel bar with his kagune and impales her eye. In pain, Karren goes berserk and tries to strike Haise. Failing to hit him, Karren is quickly subdued after being pierced through the back by Haise.

Shirazu continues to pelt Noro with projectiles, knowing that he stops now, everyone important to him will die. Running out of breath, Shirazu's frames begin to break midway through battle. Thinking that it is enough, he signals Urie to attack. Shirazu is then pierced by Noro.

Begging for Shirazu not to die, Urie rushes toward Noro and manages to slice off Noro's head.

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  • Title Pun: Revenge

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