Playfully Faint (戯れ薄く, Zare Usuku) is the fifty-eighth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Yomo and Touka save Shuu Tsukiyama as he is about to get attacked by some investigators. Meanwhile, the Aogiri Tree attack the vehicles transporting the bodies of the dead investigators and steal some of the bodies. Furuta watches over the scene while smiling and humming Donna Donna.

At the graveyard, investigators rue their dead comrades. Saiko, Mutsuki, and Akira mourn over Shirazu. When asked by Mutsuki if he won't go to Shirazu's grave, Urie replies that Shirazu is not in there, and swears to get back Shirazu's body.

In Kanou's lab, Kanou has dissected Shirazu's body and is amazed by the Quinx surgery's technology developed by Kouitsu Chigyou. He intends to use this to improve his own ghoulification surgery and theorizes that it will highly increase its success rate.

Meanwhile, Eto is busy taking a bath.

Kaneki leads his own squad and attacks Aogiri ghouls. The Aogiri ghouls refer to him as the "Black Reaper". He orders his squad to exterminate the remaining ghouls.

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  • Title Pun: Resurrect 

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