Thread of Blood (血の糸, Chi no Ito) is the sixtieth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Haise Sasaki interrogates Shunji Shiono. He asks for Sen Takatsuki's real name since she is suspected of being a ghoul. If Shiono is revealed to have been aware that Takatsuki is a ghoul, he may be punished by death for concealing the whereabouts of a ghoul. Haise asks again about Takatsuki's location but Shunji does not know. Haise intimidates Shiono by kicking the table. He excuses himself.

Haise calls Nimura Furuta to update him on the status of the interrogation. He requests Furuta to continue searching Shiono's room and for him to take a friendlier approach when interrogating Shiono.

At the Special Class Conference, the CCG discuss the prospects of their thirteen year battle against the Aogiri Tree. Matsuri Washuu bitterly asks why Haise is present at the conference. Haise responds that he is substituting Kishou Arima.

Haise reviews the CCG's mission. Their two current goals are to eliminate the One-Eyed King and to strike the Aogiri Tree's stronghold. He mentions eyewitness reports about strange activity occurring on Rushima. He has dispatched an investigative team to inspect the island.

Tatara is the CCG's highest priority after the One-Eyed King. Haise presumes that Kousuke Houji can provide guidance since he was active in the extermination of the Chi She Lian.

Matsuri interrupts to say that the merit of the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation is attributed to Noro's death. Yoshitoki Washuu disagrees, stating that the entire operation had merit since the ghoul CEOs have been replaced with humans. He scolds Matsuri.

Shinme Haisaki asks which team has been sent to patrol the island. Haise responds that the Hachikawa Squad has been dispatched.

Hachikawa Squad arrive at Rushima. Karao Saeki awaits Tooru Mutsuki.

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  • Chapter Pun: Retinoid.

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