Thunder Rabbit (カミナリウサギ, Kaminari Usagi) is the seventieth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Nimura Furuta confronts Haise Sasaki and Hinami Fueguchi. He releases Rotten Follow and attacks Haise. Haise kicks Rotten Follow from Furuta's hands but Furuta manages to catch him in midair. Furuta grabs the quinque, but just as he is about to strike, Haise propels Furuta toward the wall, knocking one of Furuta's teeth off. Furuta mockingly places his tooth back into its socket. Hinami strikes Furuta's back with her kagune, knocking him out. Hinami and Haise continue fleeing.

Ayato Kirishima, Touka Kirishima, and Renji Yomo battle against a group of hooded ghoul investigators. Just as when Ayato insists that they should go to the control room, Kishou Arima blasts Narukami.

While fighting Arima, Yomo reminisces about when Hikari Kirishima introduced her to the newly born Touka.

Touka moves in front of Yomo, however, Yomo pushes her out of the way and gets stabbed in the neck by Narukami.

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