Hope and Suffering (望苦, Bōku) is the seventy-first chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Renji Yomo coughs blood after getting hit in the throat by Kishou Arima's Narukami. He remembers censuring Arata Kirishima for not being able to protect Hikari Kirishima from Arima. Yomo stated that it was Arata's fault that Hikari died and that he should have died instead. After leaving, Yomo told himself that he should stop blaming others.

At Anteiku, he stated that he was not suited to work as a waiter. Yoshimura wondered if Yomo was worried about Touka Kirishima and Ayato Kirishima. In response, Yomo said that he did not want Ayato and Touka to end up like their parents. He requested Yoshimura to hire Touka so that she could live peacefully.

Ayato blocks Arima's attack, saving Yomo. Immediately after, Arima subdues Ayato and Touka. While contemplating about hope, Yomo charges a lightning bolt at Arima. Arima nullifies the blast and shoots multiple lightning bolts at Yomo. Haise Sasaki suddenly appears and blocks Arima's attack.

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