EF (EF, Ī Efu) is the seventy-fourth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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At the Sunlit Garden, Kishou Arima speaks to an old man.

Haise Sasaki struggles to maintain his composure after his legs are cut off by Arima. Arima asks Haise if he wants to die again. Haise remembers all the comments several ghoul investigators made about Arima. They all agreed that Arima is difficult to understand. Haise however, views Arima like a father.

Haise desperately crawls away from Arima while attempting to reattach his legs. Arima states that he could have killed Haise six hundred and forty-five times and that it will take him less than five minutes to reach Haise's allies. Haise states that he will stop Arima but gets knocked back.

Just as when Arima lunges IXA at Haise, Haise blocks the attack and breaks IXA while revealing his kakuja. Arima receives a new quinque, Owl.

In her cell, Eto Yoshimura comments on Haise and Arima while eating the pate that Nimura Furuta made.

Ayato Kirishima's group arrive at the control room. Ayato deactivates the compactors. Kazuichi Banjou and the Gas Masks reunite with Ayato's group. Touka states that if they would not have left, Haise would try defending them instead of fighting Arima.

Suddenly, the compactors reactivate while Furuta and multiple V agents watch as it begins slaughtering the ghouls.

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