Eat (喰らい, Kurai) is the seventy-ninth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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While Karao Saeki carries Tooru Mutsuki to another location, he starts to panic after seeing scissors on Saeki's belt. While the struggle continues, Saeki slams Mutsuki's head against a rock causing him to lose consciousness.

Remembering his past, Tooru witnesses himself slaughter his entire family and the killing of a cat with the help of Goumasa Tokage at the Academy. In the auction, he comes across himself eating a dead ghoul investigator. The floor under him collapses, while sinking into the darkness around him, he calls himself grotesque and states he should just let Torso kill him.

Coming back to his senses, Mutsuki discovers himself back in the cave with all of his limbs back. Noticing he is holding a severed hand, he throws it away in disgust. After falling to the ground he notices the mutilated body of Saeki set on the chair he was once on. He recalls that Saeki had taken him to the flower field as a surprise, but killed the ghoul soon after by decapitating him. Remembering all the things he has committed, Mutsuki begins to laugh hysterically.

Kuki Urie is surprised about the body propped up on the chair and wondering where Mutsuki could have gone. Before he could think anymore about it, he is called on his radio and informed of the death of a Special Class investigator.

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