Trash (クズ, Kuzu) is the ninetieth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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In Akihiro Kanou's lab, Seidou Takizawa waits while reminiscing about the Owl Suppression Operation. Kanou introduces himself, and removes Takizawa's cloak, revealing his small regrown arm. He states that Takizawa is in the initial stages of the ghoulification, involving temporarily increasing the Rc cells. Sixty-three bodies were salvaged from the Owl Suppression Operation, but were wasted, Takizawa being the only successful Owl. After declaring that Takizawa is officially a ghoul, Takizawa begins vomiting, which excites Kanou as this indicates that Takizawa's ghoul body is rejecting normal food.

Kanou continued to perform various experiments including scratching Takizawa's stomach, shining a light in his eyes, and checking his ability to defecate and ejaculate. He would subjugate Takizawa to extreme pain and mutilation in order to induce Takizawa's Rc pathways, increasing his regeneration, with the side effect of decreasing his lifespan. Kanou compares this to how the brain recovers by filling gaps where functionality has been lost and that the ghoul surgery is similar to grafting. Kanou then states that this would be a surefire way to "create" another Ken Kaneki.

In present time at Rushima, Koutarou Amon cuts Takizawa's arm off, while Akira Mado stands safely nearby. He reattaches his arm to his body and kicks Amon, slamming him towards a wall. Takizawa suggests that Amon is like Houji and Akira, in that they want to kill him. Amon recovers, disagreeing, stating that he wants to save his former subordinates, including Takizawa.

Kurona Yasuhisa walks through a mysterious passage while regenerating her arms. She enters Kanou's lab where he welcomes her.

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